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Best Shorts
illus. by Chris Raschka
Houghton Mifflin, 2006
HC: 978-0618476039
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Best Shorts: Favorite Short Stories for Sharing

Newbery Medal–winning author Avi has selected short stories from the past and present in this entertaining collection for young readers. And whether you begin by reading alone or reading aloud, these stories are some of the very best to share.

Featuring loyal pets, rogue waves, ghosts who use cell phones, and young people caught up in events beyond their control, these stories are written by some of the most entertaining and esteemed authors of children’s literature. They will have you savoring a quiet moment by yourself, talking during dinnertime with your family, and laughing in class with your friends.

Though it may take only a few minutes to read, a terrific short story can take you on a long journey. Are you ready for the trip?

Story Behind the Story

It was in 1846 that Edgar Allan Poe set down critical “rules” for writing the short story. (You can find them on the internet with ease.) Aside from writing short stories that are still read, (and scare readers) he did much to propel and establish the short story as an American form. Think of Fitzgerald, Hemingway, Updike, Steinbeck, O Henry, among many others.  Indeed, there was a time when short stories were a staple of American literature, finding publication in an astonishing array of publications, and read by multitudes. read more


“This collection of short stories begs to be read aloud. Avi and Shute choose short stories from award-winning contemporary and classic authors. Mysteries, animal stories, thrillers, and even fairy tales are represented here. … If read aloud and shared … these stories will captivate a class and perhaps convince them to seek out other stories by the authors … recommended for middle and elementary school libraries and is particularly suited for teachers looking for read-aloud material.” (VOYA)

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