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Blue Heron
HarperCollins, 1993
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Blue Heron

The story of a pivotal summer for thirteen-year-old Maggie tells how her fight to protect a solitary blue heron with which she identifies distracts her from dealing with strange new tensions in her family.

Story Behind the Story

There was a time in the 70’s and 80’s when it was fashionable (if that’s the right word) to be part of groups, men’s group’s, women’s groups. An outgrowth of the feminist movement, the function of these groups was simply to talk about one’s life experience. One shared, one listened, and you came—the hope was—to know a bigger world. Sometimes these groups consisted of friends. Sometimes they were perfect strangers.

I was part of such a group—strangers. They were all men, more or less my own age, sharing if you will, their inner lives, trying to  solve life’s problems. read more

Awards and Honors

ALA Best Books for Young Adults, 1993
Starred Review, Booklist, 1992 (Focus Review)
Pointed Review, Kirkus Reviews, 1992
New York Public Library, Books for the Teenage, 1993


“ … a contemporary family under unusual stress… .The heron, a potent symbol ( … it can mean life or death), has been Maggie's preoccupation and solace; in the end, though Dad's adult problems may defy solution, she manages to transform the belligerent Tucker's perception of the awe-inspiring bird. A thoughtful, beautifully crafted story.” (Kirkus Reviews)

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