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History of Helpless Harry
Knopf, 1980
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History of Helpless Harry:
a Variety of Amusing and Entertaining Adventures

Eleven-year-old Harry's adventures, involving lies, attempted robbery, and the possibility of murder, begin when his parents go away for a few days and he is left in the care of the young Miss Trowbridge.

Story Behind the Story

I had written, or so I thought, a realistic tale about a boy—in an historical context—who was being pushed about, and generally bullied, until he turns things around and comes out unscathed and triumphant.

I sent the manuscript to my agent. She gave me a call and suggested we have lunch to talk about the book. Of course I met with her. read more


School Library Journal:

"Subtitled 'A Variety of Amusing and Entertaining Adventures', it is just that."

Awards and Honors

Starred Review, School Library Journal 1980
Starred Review, Booklist 1980
Book of the Month, PCRRT, 1980

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