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Avi Skypes with Wallace, Ideaho
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Avi Makes Virtual Visits
to Classrooms, Libraries, Book Clubs
… throughout the year

We are scheduling virtual visits on Tuesdays, between 9am and 3pm MT.

Avi will spend up to an hour via Zoom, Skype, or Google Meet with your students, patrons, or book club members in grades 4 and older.

He prefers that it be no larger than a classroom-sized group of 30 so he can see the faces of the students who are asking the questions … and they can in turn see his face.

Do this once the participants have read Avi's book(s) so they can ask questions about the books’ content.

Please inquire about cost, details, and date if you are interested. We'll work with you to set the date, as well as a connection testing date beforehand. We can send you technical guidelines once we know that you'd like to proceed.

Read the comments from people who have already conducted virtual visits with Avi.

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