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Denver Academy

Listen to Those Feet

Start­ing this week, I will be read­ing a new book to a class of 6th graders. I’ll be read­ing it even though it is not tru­ly finished.

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Distrest Poet William Hogarth

Art Prints That Are Novelesque in Content

A good num­ber of years ago, when liv­ing on the East Coast, I spent leisure time dur­ing many a week­end wan­der­ing about flea mar­kets look­ing for old children’s books and British 18th-cen­tu­ry prints. 

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The Christmas Rat

Christmas Books

Christ­mas can mean many things to many peo­ple. For my part, I great­ly enjoy Christ­mas, in par­tic­u­lar the Christ­mas books I love.

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The Secret School

One School, One Book

I recent­ly received a let­ter from an ele­men­tary prin­ci­pal and media spe­cial­ist who want­ed to let me know that their school did a “one book” read­ing pro­gram that, to my delight, used one of my books!

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It’s that time again: I have to decide what my next book will be. It’s hard­ly a sim­ple deci­sion. I will be liv­ing with that choice for the next two years—at least.

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