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Short Stories

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Best Shorts
Best Shorts
The Most Important Thing
The Most Impor­tant Thing
Strange Happenings
Strange Hap­pen­ings
Things That Sometimes Happen
Things That Some­times Happen
Tom Babette and Simon
Tom Babette and Simon
What Do Fish Have to Do with Anything?
What Do Fish Have to Do with Anything?
Short Stories Written for Anthologies

“Bider­biks Don’t Cry,” in From One Expe­ri­ence to Anoth­er (Forge)

“The Falling,” in 9/11: The Book of Help (Crick­et Books)

“How I Got an A in Eng­lish,” Trip­ping over the Lunch Lady (Put­nam)

“The Itch,” in Half-minute Hor­rors (Harper­Collins)

“Oswin’s Mil­len­ni­um,” in Sec­ond Sight (Philomel)

“Scout’s Hon­or,” in When I was Your Age (Can­dlewick)

“See­ing is Believ­ing,” in Act­ing Out (Simon & Schuster)

“Super­pa­tri­ot,” in Guys Write for Guys Read. (Viking)

“What Ruby Saw,” in Thanks and Giv­ing All Year Long (Simon & Schuster)

“You’re Not a Win­ner Unless Your Pic­ture is in the Paper,” in The Col­or of Absence (Simon & Schuster)

Acting Out