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It’s that time again: I have to decide what my next book will be. It’s hard­ly a sim­ple deci­sion. I will be liv­ing with that choice for the next two years—at least.

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So it goes. Kurt Vonnegut

Small Things

This time-lapse before revi­sions start in earnest, allows me to go back to the book. … the whole now informs the parts, so, I find myself mak­ing lots of small changes.

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Catch You Later Traitor

New York, New York

Although I have lived in Col­orado for the past twen­ty-five years, I still think of myself as a New York­er. It’s hard­ly a puz­zle as to why it is the set­ting for a good num­ber of my books. 

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Sharing my work

It doesn’t mat­ter how long I work on a book, the moment I decide I’m going to share it with some­one, my wife, an edi­tor, or a friend, my mind­set changes.

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The End

Manuscript Sent

Today, I am send­ing a new man­u­script to my edi­tor. I’ve been work­ing on it for a year. I’ve shared it with no one.

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Who Was That Masked Man Anyway?

The Lone Ranger and Me

It’s dif­fi­cult to explain the enor­mous impact radio drama—kids’ radio drama—had on me. When a boy, I lis­tened to it every day, start­ing at five in the after­noon. Nights too. 

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Why and how: As a writer, I use a dic­tio­nary of course. But I also make steady use of a Thesaurus. 

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