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writing a letter

We get letters

Let­ters from my read­ers are always trea­sured (and answered). They pro­vide vital sup­port and proof that invis­i­ble book­worms are alive and well and read­ing my books.

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Aspects of the Novel E.M. Forster

Advice and criticism always help

Dur­ing this past sum­mer, I invit­ed a num­ber of very accom­plished writ­ers to share a book about writ­ing that they have found par­tic­u­lar­ly mean­ing­ful and useful.

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C.M. Surrisi

Summer Blog Series: C.M. Surrisi

C.M. Sur­risi shares, “I am a com­bi­na­tion of a plot­ter and a pantser,” as well as her rec­om­mend­ed non­fic­tion read-aloud and her Zen­like writ­ing space.

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Brian Floca

Summer Blog Series: Brian Floca

“My favorite book on writ­ing, as my stu­dio mates may have heard too often, is Uri Shulevitz’s Writ­ing with Pic­tures.” Bri­an Flo­ca’s favorite book to read aloud, his writ­ing space, and more. 

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Cathy Camper

Summer Blog Series: Cathy Camper

Cathy Camper shares, “As a young writer, I wor­ried about if I was a real writer. Was I writ­ing the right things, the cor­rect num­ber of words or pages a day?” 

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