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City of Magic

Sometimes I Think I Hear My Name

Knopf, 1982

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What’s this book about?

Too many questions …

It was­n’t that thir­teen-year-old Con­rad did­n’t like liv­ing with his aunt and uncle in St. Louis. It’s just that his moth­er and father both lived in New York and he had­n’t seen them late­ly. And he had a few ques­tions he need­ed to have answered. That’s how Con­rad hap­pened to spend the strangest week of his life in New York City with a girl he hard­ly knew—and get­ting more answers than he had ques­tions … about his par­ents, him­self, and what real fam­i­lies are all about.

Story Behind the Story

My eldest son had a class­mate, a good friend. We’ll call him Toby. A lik­able, polite, full-of-fun kid, Toby was around our house often. I didn’t know much about him, save one thing: he lived with his grand­par­ents, not his par­ents. I believe it was my son who told me that. It was noth­ing I pur­sued, but at school occa­sions I had the oppor­tu­ni­ty to meet these nice grand­par­ents, where we exchanged pleas­antries about our two boys.

One day, as spring break approached, my son was mak­ing prepa­ra­tions for a week of Boy Scout camp­ing. Toby was at our house. “Toby,” I asked. “Have plans for spring break?”

He said, “I want­ed to go vis­it my par­ents, but my grand­par­ents said I couldn’t. So I’m just stay­ing home.”

That gave me pause. I decid­ed I need­ed to know a lit­tle more.

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