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S.O.R. Losers

SOR Losers

Harper­Collins, 1986

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Jeff Woodman

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What’s this book about?

The South Orange Riv­er (S.O.R.) School is big on sports and famous for not los­ing a game all sea­son. That all changes when the school insists that some sev­enth-grad­er non-jocks form a soc­cer team. The new team is sure that los­ing their first game 32–0 will put an end to their ath­let­ic adven­ture, but no such luck. Their par­ents insist they try hard­er. The whole school cheers them on, and they final­ly score … for the oth­er team. And only the eleven mem­bers of the S.O.R. Losers team know the secret of their out­stand­ing “suc­cess.”

Story Behind the Story

Nov­el­ists are often asked, how long does it take to write a book? My truth­ful answer is, about a year. S.O.R. Losers, how­ev­er, was writ­ten in one day. How could such a thing happen?

I was able to do it because the story—about a team of nerds who are required (by their school) to form a soc­cer team and then go on to lose every game they play—is true.

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Awards and Recognition

  • Par­ents’ Choice, Remark­able, 1984
  • New York Pub­lic Library, Best Books, 1984
  • Book of the Month, PCRRT, 1984
  • YASD Rec­om­mend­ed Book for the Reluc­tant Reader


“One of the fun­ni­est and most orig­i­nal sports sagas on record.” (The Horn Book)

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Don’t miss the sequel!
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