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Criteria for a Good Book

bookSome years ago a young stu­dent (I no longer have name or where­abouts) sent me the fol­low­ing “Cri­te­ria for a good book.”  I believe it was a stu­dent assign­ment.  In any case, here it is, just as it was sent (and spelled). I’ve nev­er read a bet­ter analy­sis of what children’s lit­er­a­ture is.

Cri­te­ria for a good book

  1. Cor­rict spelling
  2. Good para­graphs
  3. Under­stan­able-maks sense and words aren’t too hard
  4. Begin­ning, mud­dle, end
  5. action (not dull)
  6. com­plete sentences
  7. Good char­ac­ture descriptions
  8. Lots of details and descriptions
  9. Fun­ny once in a while
  10. Friendsmin­ship
  11. Nice size letters
  12. Solu­tion to prob­lem-any problem
  13. Lots of mony in it
  14. Hast to have let­ters not blank pages
  15. Char­ac­ters have clothes on
  16. You know where you are with­out using a book mark

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