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A New Year

2022This writer’s new-year resolutions:

  1. Get through to the next year. 
  2. Stay healthy. 
  3. Exer­cise hard so that 
  4. I can fin­ish the two books I’m work­ing on. 
  5. Write every day. 
  6. Become a bet­ter writer. 
  7. Write my best book ever. If  I can. 
  8. Meet dead­lines. 
  9. Think about that next book I might write. 
  10. Get the two books sched­uled for pub­li­ca­tion into my hands 
  11. Read more. 
  12. Lis­ten more. 
  13. See less. Observe more. 
  14. Stay in touch with family. 
  15. Stay in touch with friends. 
  16. Be patient with editors. 
  17. Be patient with the chaot­ic pub­lish­ing world. 
  18. Be patient with myself. 
  19. Enjoy life—every day. 

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