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Writing Tip: Padma Venkatraman

I’ve invit­ed a group of top-notch writ­ers to share their writ­ing tips with you this sum­mer. Look for a new bit of learned expe­ri­ence each Tuesday.

Split your­self into 2 peo­ple in your head. I call them Writer Pad­ma and Edi­tor Pad­ma. When I am writ­ing my draft and Edi­tor Pad­ma says ‘That sen­tence stinks’ I tell her to get out. When I am edit­ing my draft and Writer Pad­ma begs me not to cut a word or sen­tence or para­graph or char­ac­ter I tell her to zip her mouth. Giv­ing each of them their space is vital. Keep your inter­nal edi­tor away when you are writ­ing and vice versa.

Have you read Pad­ma’s nov­els or attend­ed one of her writ­ing work­shops? Learn more at Pad­ma Venka­tra­man’s web­site.

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