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I have writ­ten before about book titles. Changes, changes. Now my edi­tor and I have set­tled on a new title for my forth­com­ing book. It came about this way. When I was writ­ing the book I had a work­ing title, The Field of Bat­tle. It derived from a line in the book, some­thing that Thomas Jef­fer­son once said. That quote how­ev­er, was tak­en out of the book, so that title did not make much sense. Then came Decep­tion. It was a good title, except, as it turned out, there are a num­ber of books with that title. One can­not copy­right a title, so we could have used it. But the pub­lish­er felt it wasn’t strong enough for the book. Much mulling, and now a new title: Sophia’s War: A Tale of the Rev­o­lu­tion. It required some changes in the text of the book to make it mean­ing­ful. That done, there it is: Sophia’s War: A Tale of the Revolution.

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