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The Most Important Thing

An ide­al book for dis­cus­sion groups, these are sev­en short sto­ries rang­ing from humor­ous to dra­mat­ic about boys’ rela­tion­ships with their fathers and grandfathers.

Behind the story

The Most Important Thing
The Most Impor­tant Thing

When I write my nov­els, the char­ac­ters, the plots, and the set­tings are almost whol­ly cre­ations of my imag­i­na­tion. By con­trast, when I write short sto­ries they tend to come out of my own expe­ri­ences or expe­ri­ences I have observed close at hand.

Thus, one of the sto­ries in The Most Impor­tant Thing is based, for the most part, on some­thing that real­ly hap­pened to me. See if you can deter­mine which one. read more

Sam­ple Chapter

Can­dlewick offers Chap­ter 1, read­able online and as a down­load­able PDF

Author Note

This note to read­ers is avail­able online from Can­dlewick Press.

Audio Book Sample

You can lis­ten to a read­ing from the audio book.

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