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Writing Tip: Margarita Engle

I’ve invit­ed a group of top-notch writ­ers to share their writ­ing tips with you this sum­mer. Look for a new bit of learned expe­ri­ence each Tuesday.

Mar­gari­ta Engle: Poet­ry Tips for Tweens

Read a lot of poet­ry, then scrib­ble just for fun. Don’t expect your first draft to be per­fect. Let the beau­ti­ful words and musi­cal rhythms flow. You can make cor­rec­tions later.

Choose a qui­et place to write. Return to that place every day at the same time. Use a pen and paper, so the ink will flow direct­ly from your mind to the page.

Exper­i­ment with end rhymes, inter­nal rhymes, vow­el rhymes, and no rhymes. Exper­i­ment with line length, line breaks, open space, and emotions.

Explore. Trav­el on the page. Time trav­el. You don’t have to write in your own voice. You can write as a plant, ani­mal, super­hero, alien…anything is pos­si­ble on that page. It belongs to you. It is your refuge. Feel free and safe. No one is judg­ing you. (Teach­ers, please help me make this true.)

Learn more about Mar­gari­ta Engle at her web­site. Fol­low Mar­gari­ta on Face­book, Twit­ter, and Insta­gram

(pho­to cred­it: She­vaun Williams)


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