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We get letters

Let­ters from my read­ers are always trea­sured (and answered). They pro­vide vital sup­port and proof that invis­i­ble book­worms are alive and well and read­ing my books. 

I don’t often share these let­ters. But the two recent let­ters below are every­thing a writer could ever desire. I’ve nev­er been touched so much as these have done. They don’t just warm the heart, they make all my life’s work worth­while. “Thank you,” is too small a response. They give my writer’s life meaning. 

From the young reader: 

writing a letter

Dear Avi, 

Me and my mom loved the Pop­py Books! They were funy and had a lot of adven­tures! Ereth is my favorite bekus he swears so much. Now I think mice books are the best books. 

From: E— 

From the read­er’s mother: 

Dear Avi,

My daugh­ter E—(7) and I, just fin­ished read­ing the whole Pop­py series. We read your books every night before bed for the last five months and absolute­ly adored every sin­gle one of them. It can be tricky to find high-qual­i­ty lit­er­a­ture that has con­tent that is age appro­pri­ate for lit­tle ones. Your books deliv­ered, and then some! I love how beau­ti­ful­ly descrip­tive your writ­ing is and we often stopped to talk about the rich vocab­u­lary you use. The char­ac­ters you cre­at­ed are tru­ly delight­ful. Ereth brought on many ses­sions of uncon­trol­lable laugh­ter, and we would hear Dad­dy call­ing up the stairs “Are you sure you are get­ting ready for bed?” 

Read­ing your books cre­at­ed the most won­der­ful mem­o­ries for us that I will trea­sure for the rest of my life. A few key phras­es have stuck and are used reg­u­lar­ly around our house, The favorites being “Oh belch­ing beavers,” “hit the puke but­ton, and duck.” “Put the kids in the rear, blow some wind, and turn on the fan.”  “Keep your pit in your olive,” and when­ev­er some­one doesn’t feel well we always ask, “Are you going to uncork your guts?” Even as I write this my fam­i­ly is read­ing over my shoul­der, shout­ing out phras­es and giggling. 

Thank you for shar­ing these sto­ries with the world. They will be for­ev­er cherished. 


P.S.  “A Mouse Will A Rov­ing Go” has been lis­tened to many times and is often sung as a lul­la­by at bedtime.

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