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Now Winter Has Come

This morn­ing, in Den­ver, it was minus eight degrees. Sure­ly, win­ter. So I remind­ed myself of the last lines of the Eng­lish poet Per­cy Bysshe Shelley’s poem  Ode to the West Wind, “If Win­ter comes, can Spring be far behind?”. 

But impa­tient in our tiny two-room town hut (as I call it) we bright­en things up with flowers. 

There is the late bloom­ing Christ­mas Cac­tus. [Schlum­berg­er, from Brazil.] 

Christmas Cactus, Schlumberger

A pot of African Vio­lets. [Strep­to­car­pus, from East Africa.] 

African Violets

Lily of the Incas [Alstroe­me­ria, from Peru.] 

Lily of the Incas

And final­ly, yet to bloom, Paper­whites [Nar­cis­sus papyraceus, from the Mediter­ranean region.] 


To coin a phrase, this bud is for you.

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