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Veera Hiranandani

Writing Tip: Veera Hiranandani

I’ve taught cre­ative writ­ing for many years and one of my favorite writ­ing exer­cis­es that I’ve giv­en to both kids and adults is exper­i­ment­ing with anoth­er point of view.

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Eugene Yelchin

Writing Tip: Eugene Yelchin

Try this at home. It saved a cou­ple of my books which were lat­er suc­cess­ful­ly pub­lished from cer­tain aban­don­ment dur­ing the process.

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Will Hobbs

Writing Tip: Will Hobbs

Plot is the hard­est part, and you can save your­self a lot of time and effort if you devel­op a dynam­ic premise before you start writing.

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This Old Man

Writing Tips

I have no doubt there are good writ­ing teach­ers, and I applaud them, but I have nev­er been able to teach it because, or so I tell myself, I’m still learning.

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flap copy

Making a flap

When a book is pub­lished one of the very last bits of writ­ing com­posed is the flap copy. This may be the first read­ing of the book that takes place. 

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Álvaro Bernis

Lived Experience

This arti­cle is so well writ­ten and speaks to an issue any­one inter­est­ed in books for young peo­ple needs to think about.

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