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Freddy the Detective

Where I get my ideas

Prob­a­bly the ques­tion read­ers (young and old) most often ask me is “Where do you get your ideas?”  I’ve been asked that ques­tion for more than fifty years.  The answer is mul­ti­fac­eted:  To begin with, I grew up in a house of books.  I had great grand­par­ents who were writ­ers. One of my grand­moth­ers was. My par­ents had

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A Modest Proposal

We should just stop teach­ing young peo­ple to read. Con­sid­er all the ben­e­fits that would bring.

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There is no one way to write

On my web­site, these past three months of sum­mer a great vari­ety of my friends and colleagues—successful writ­ers all—have been offer­ing ideas, tips, and sug­ges­tions about writing.

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James Ponti

Writing Tip: James Ponti

Have you ever been over­whelmed when you start to write some­thing? Wor­ried that it isn’t quite good enough? Wor­ried that it’s not per­fect or important?

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Margarita Engle

Writing Tip: Margarita Engle

Read a lot of poet­ry, then scrib­ble just for fun. Don’t expect your first draft to be per­fect. Let the beau­ti­ful words and musi­cal rhythms flow. You can make cor­rec­tions later.

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Gary D. Schmidt

Writing Tip: Gary D. Schmidt

Get your pro­tag­o­nists in trou­ble right away. Put them in a place where some­thing has hap­pened, or will hap­pen, and they have no choice but to respond. That starts the sto­ry off, and that makes the read­er want to know what hap­pens next.

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Bruce Coville

Writing Tip: Bruce Coville

One of the most irre­sistible things in the world is a secret. Seri­ous­ly, what is your imme­di­ate reac­tion if some­one tells you they have a secret? You want to know what it is! 

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