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Will Hobbs

Writing Tip: Will Hobbs

Plot is the hard­est part, and you can save your­self a lot of time and effort if you devel­op a dynam­ic premise before you start writing.

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This Old Man

Writing Tips

I have no doubt there are good writ­ing teach­ers, and I applaud them, but I have nev­er been able to teach it because, or so I tell myself, I’m still learning.

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flap copy

Making a flap

When a book is pub­lished one of the very last bits of writ­ing com­posed is the flap copy. This may be the first read­ing of the book that takes place. 

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Álvaro Bernis

Lived Experience

This arti­cle is so well writ­ten and speaks to an issue any­one inter­est­ed in books for young peo­ple needs to think about.

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How Not to Write a Play


When I was a high school upper­class­man and had already com­mit­ted to a life in the­atre (as only an ado­les­cent can do) I was an avid read­er of Harold Clur­man and Wal­ter Kerr.

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History as Story

I’m a believ­er in what the philoso­pher George San­tayana once wrote: “Those who can­not remem­ber the past are con­demned to repeat it.”

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“Less is more.”

Years ago—so many that I was typ­ing on a portable typewriter—I had a dead­line to meet. It involved fin­ish­ing a book, and then typ­ing it and deliv­er­ing it by a cer­tain day. Soon.  (I wish I could remem­ber which book, but I can’t.)   I asked if I could use a friend’s out-of-town sum­mer bun­ga­low and took

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For a vari­ety of rea­sons these days, there is a bit of vogue for self-pub­lish­ing. One can have no objec­tions to that. That said, I think one can find fault with self-edit­ing. Not so much because it is wrong to go with­out exter­nal edit­ing, but because one’s work suffers. 

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